Judith Schmuck

Seit vier Saisonen teilt sie regelmäßig ihre Skitage mit der riesigen Community von Ski amadé. Sie blogt, schießt Bilder und filmt die schönsten Seiten des Winters in den Bergen mit. Für Judith gibt es nichts Schöneres als die kalte, reine Luft ganz oben einzuatmen und im Schnee Energie zu tanken. Mit ihren Beiträgen will sie viele Leser von der Region Ski amadé begeistern und allen zeigen, wie schön die weiße Welt von oben aussieht.
  • 8 Xmas Gift Tips

    It is the same every year, Christmas comes around very quickly, and before you know it, it is the 24th of December! However, there is still time to write or to rewrite your letter to Father Christmas or to let our gift ideas for your friends and...
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  • From Fans for Fans

    There I am, on the summit and looking over at the mountain panorama of Ski amadé. The blue sky is so blue that it almost hurts, the sun so bright that I still have to screw up my eyes a bit behind my sunglasses to see well. In front of me is the...
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    Enjoying beautiful alpine landscapes while skiing in Ski amadé
  • Genious and regional. Meeting place of the sweet taste.

    Those who like to travel probably already recognized, that the food tastes the best, if enjoyed near to it's country or even valley of origin. The partners of the ski amadé enjoyment initiative are located noteworthy near to it's purchaser's, so...
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  • Genious regional. Meeting place of the spicy taste.

    Genious regional. Meeting place of the spicy taste. Insight into the summer vacations of the farm animals in ski amadé. When the snow is melted from the slopes, it's time for the goats to come back to the fields also ducks and pigs are excited to...
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    © Ski amadé
  • America first – but… Filzmoos second?

    That after America on first place in the world, there is a long gap of nothing and the fight over second place in Europe and the world has not yet been carried out to the bitter end, is shown on Facebook etc. every day over and over again.
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  • Grandpa, grandpa.... it has snowed!!!

    It is here. The eagle has landed. Touchdown. Happy landing. All around Ski amadé, snow is floating down from the sky. Our snow! Finally. Great! Yippee! Waiting for the white flakes gets a little bit harder every year. For every year, a few days...
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  • © Foto by Alex Ugalek @ at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

    The feeling of spring on the slopes

    It is still too early to get excited about the budding Alpine gentian flowers beside the slopes, as the mountains are still deep in hibernation and the snow-covered slopes still look very inviting for carving and boarding.
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  • Get the perfect bottom!

    We are now already mid-season and have mastered one or two mountains, have recovered from the first, second or third lot of sore muscles and when it comes to motivation we are on the same page (podium!!) as Lindsay Vonn…..
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    The scent coming from the ski huts is heavenly, mainly because, all that fresh air makes most people very hungry. Steamed yeast dumplings, roast pork and chips are being eaten by everyone! They are really irresistible, well almost.
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