Judith Schmuck

America first – but… Filzmoos second?

That after America on first place in the world, there is a long gap of nothing and the fight over second place in Europe and the world has not yet been carried out to the bitter end, is shown on Facebook etc. every day over and over again.

Even when it is a bit of a well-worn subject, I still find myself laughing at the attempts of Holland, Denmark, Germany and all other countries, which compete against the USA to win the silver medal. The Austrian ski aces have recently proven at the World Cup in St. Moritz, that it can definitely be, Austria second and Austria first and Michaela Kirchgasser from Filzmoos also reserved third place.

I have not been to Filzmoos in Ski amadé for many years. I cannot exactly say why this is. My childhood memories of my parents in their caravan with their dog, eating lunch, whilst in winter we went straight off after school to one of the many ski resorts in Ski amadé, are all good. Especially the days spent in Filzmoos were extra special. Today, nearly 25 years later, I am suddenly thinking about the Papageno cable car and the ski area of Kleinod, at the foot of the Dachstein. I had to go back there again. In the 90’s the slogan read “Filzmoos – Pferdefeuer.“ When I was a teenager, it took me a long time to understand that they were referring to the Rossbrand, the 1,758 m high local mountain of Radstadt and Filzmoos. On which the high altitude cross-country skiing trail meanders with its stunning views of the surrounding mountains. So it is not only a paradise for skiers but also for cross-country skiers and walkers. Today the slogan has been changed to something which is much easier to understand “My most beautiful place,“   and as a nature lover and fan of Kleinod, I can also confirm this.

A ski holiday in Filzmoos is ideal for children, beginners and those looking to give it another try. The family ski area is straightforward, there is no pushing and shoving at the sales desks and the slopes are very spacious and thereby being very safe for children and beginners. You do not need to queue for the lifts and parking is not a game of “how can I squeeze my 4 by 4 into a space big enough for a Mini.“

On the Michaela Kirchgasser FIS racecourse by the Großberglift, there are both slalom and giant slalom options and for the ambitious ones amongst us, there is nothing standing in your way of doing a race. Whoever wants to prove that they have what it takes to be a World Champion, can at least get their money’s worth, in their imagination.

And what about tasty food? Well, because of Johanna Maier, eating in Filzmoos has made a name for itself worldwide. Instead of a helmet, this lady wears hats (Michelin stars) and three of these all at the same time. So for those of have had enough of the slopes, can swap their ski poles for a knife and fork and refuel on Johanna Maiers’ culinary delicacies.

Filzmoos has even more to offer! A full calendar of events, both winters and summers ensure Wow moments and entertainment for everyone. The Filzmooser hot air balloon events are legendary and also next year in January (yes, you can now already really look forward to next winter) the hot air balloons glow through the cold night over the dark horizon.

Soon, spring will be knocking on the door and sunshine skiing is on the order of events. Filzmoos is at the very top of my ski trip tip list if you want to get a bit of colour in your cheeks. Small really is beautiful!

And now the classic: We know that from no onwards it’s only going to be America first. But, please Mr. President, can we make Filzmoos second?

Thank you.

Judith Schmuck

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