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  • Enjoy the best skiing in the beautiful alpine landscapes of Ski amadé

    This is an environmentally friendly and comfy way to go on a skiing holiday

    Thanks to the cohesion of many smaller companies in Ski amadé, our homeland is constantly being promoted and developed. Guests can look forward to a unique variety of experiences with 760 perfectly groomed kilometers of slopes, excellent hosts and...
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  • Tips for learning to ski as an adult – part 2

    As already mentioned in the first part, there are now a few tips for the final start by a ski instructor. Never skied before?
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    Fun and great conditions on perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé
  • Fun and great conditions on perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé

    Tips for learning to ski as an adult – part 1

    You haven't been on skis for years or even decades? Do you have respect for trying again, or maybe you have never been skiing at all? You don't know how, when and where to start (again)? One thing is certain, it is never too late to experience this...
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  • 8 Xmas Gift Tips

    It is the same every year, Christmas comes around very quickly, and before you know it, it is the 24th of December! However, there is still time to write or to rewrite your letter to Father Christmas or to let our gift ideas for your friends and...
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  • Cool jobs in Ski amadé – working where others enjoy their vacation

    Every winter we arriving fully packed to the best ski areas of Salzburg and Styria, to spend unforgettable days with our beloved ones. With only one ski-ticket you can explore the unbelievable diversity of 760 slope kilometers and 270 lifts in Ski...
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  • Hiking – Do I have the right equipment?

    Wear what you need for a school trip: sturdy shoes and weatherproof clothing.
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  • Hiking – 36 degrees and it's getting even hotter, or is Mother Holle already knocking?

    It is always important to know what the weather was like in the days before the planned mountain tour, what it is like on the day of the tour and how it can develop. It also depends on whether you are going in midsummer, or in September or even...
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  • Hiking – Can I touch this?

    Spoiler – no you can’t! I just say: hands off! It doesn't matter whether it's a cute deer that can give you a good kick with its hooves, whether it's a little rabbit that might carry rabies with it, or the mummy cow, who has already turned its...
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  • Hiking – How far is it? And can I manage the kilometers and vertical meters in terms of fitness?

    In Ski amadé you will find over 100 hiking routes in summer that you can reach with the summer lifts. If you want to commit one of these routes, find out beforehand how many kilometers and meters in altitude are waiting for you and how long the...
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