Carina Stelzer

Einfach skiverliebt. Nichts kann sie davon abhalten, jeden freien Tag auf Skiern und in der freien Natur zu verbringen. Die angehende Sportmanagerin freut sich immer über neue Aufgaben und Herausforderungen.
  • 5 ways to make your holiday in Ski amadé more sustainable

    Would you like to enjoy your skiing holiday and at the same time take care of the environment? That's not a problem at all! Skiing holidays and sustainability should not be mutually exclusive, but should rather go hand in hand. How exactly is that...
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  • The #fit4skiamade Challenge

    A day of skiing usually requires a lot of strength and a body that is as fit as possible – the better prepared, the more fun you will have on the slopes. In order to optimally prepare your body for the skiing winter, I have prepared a fitness...
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  • Fun and great conditions on the perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé

    Tips for the perfect carving turn

    “Only the professionals can carve” – ”I can’t do it anyway”…..The time when these sayings were the truth, belong long ago in the past. Carving is the essence of the current ski technique. This involves, skiing on the edges of your...
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  • 5 hut classics that let you yodel

    Which dishes do you prefer to order at the hut? Hearty or light? Modern or traditional? No matter what you choose - one thing is certain: for skiing (or snowboarding ;) you need a lot of energy and that is why an extended cozy lunch break at the hut...
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    TASTE Ski amadé - the finest flavour from the Austrian mountains in cozy mountain huts
  • Perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé

    Alpine Ski World Cup in Zauchensee

    Every second year the Alpine Ski World Cup for women stops in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee for a speed weekend. This year there are two speed competitions, a downhill run and an alpine combination. From 09 to 12 January 2020, two downhill trainings and two...
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  • Cash4Tricks

    Cash4Tricks - the name says it all. The Cash4Tricks Tour always leads through the snow parks in Ski amadé from January to April. In the past years this format has developed into a great success and now there is even a collecting pass for...
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  • Fun at the best facilities and slopes for kids in Ski amadé

    The first turns on the skis for the little ones

    Have you ever posed the question, what is the best way and either sooner or later, for children to learn how to ski? It is the dream of all ski enthusiasts to be able to share this fun with their kids on the slopes and to be able to spend ski days...
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  • Ein Aufriss in Ski amadé – die 15 schlechtesten Anmachsprüche

    On the ski lift, in the ski hut and especially by Après ski…When skiing in Ski amadé it is not difficult to meet people and unfortunately every now and then, there is an awkward attempt at flirting. Some attempts, I am sure, will end...
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  • 7 things you will miss when you leave Ski amadé

    Unfortunately, the nicest places a country has to offer have to be left at some point. You have a great time there but after a while, you have to return to everyday life and its responsibilities and go back home. This is exactly what happened to me...
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  • 10 reasons why skiing is better than snowboarding

    Skiing or snowboarding? A question, which certainly a lot of winter sports people have asked themselves. Mainly people tend to stick with what they learnt as a child. Or do they? But why skiing is simply cooler than snowboarding, I will reveal now:
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