Anna Pilz

  • A short trip to the Caribbean

    Hooray, it’s the weekend! Have a lie in... Wrong! Today, apart from the usual wake up call of our little one, I have another good reason to get out of bed. We are taking our Mini-me up onto the slopes for the first time. He is not quite ready...
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  • From a family adventure to a free-ride adventure

    My board on my back feels heavier than usual. I dare to look down and then decide very quickly to look back up at the two lads who I have only known since this morning.  I feel the twelve meters which lie between my boots and the snow in the...
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  • Mini's Week in Gastein

    Yippee! I’m back from paternity leave and our little one is here; I can finally call myself daddy Mike! Our son was born at the end of last year and my board has been stored in our cellar since then. I’ve been concentrating on family life and my...
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