Jounes Weidacher

Der Superdaddy geht meist seiner Frau und den 3 Kindern auf die Piste. Aprés Ski Hits sind dem passionierten Musiker aber ein Graus :)
  • Snow parks in Ski amadé and snow park rules

    When I was a kid, we were amazed at the daring tricks and cool looks of snowboarders. Cursed as snow groomers by the old and raised to heroes by the young, they polarized winter sports and didn't have to worry about numerous youngsters.
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  • Eyes open and listen out…!

    When I think of our offspring, I'm incredibly happy that the ski season wasn’t a wash out this year. We are absolutely privileged to live in such a beautiful area, with such stunning mountains and to have children who love being outside. A nice...
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    Three children hold hands and ski down the piste side by side, their ski tips touching and they laugh as they do so
  • Powder to the People! But please enjoy with care!

    The slopes are always in perfect condition at the start of the season, however we often have to wait patiently so that we get fresh snow in such considerable amounts in order to cover the powder runs. Finally, this time came and whilst I was still...
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  • Traveling with ski equipment, like a pro

    A ski holiday is now so popular as never before. The Austrian Alps are like the epicenter of winter sports, and ski and snowboard enthusiasts from the whole world are once again travelling to Ski amadé this year. For those who have planned a ski...
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    Fun and great conditions on the perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé
  • Enjoy the best service when skiing in Ski amadé

    Time to get winter ready

    Finally it is back once again….the glorious snow. In my opinion, all of the Ski amadé mountains have done it once again, with a most beautiful coat of white. The temperatures allow the snow canons to work at their best and thereby getting the...
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  • Kids just wanna have fun

    “Daddy, let’s ski through the woods!“ Just recently our grandparents came to visit us and enjoyed skiing on the slopes in the surrounding area of St. Johann, just as they have always done. Sighing, I watched my offspring as they shot off the...
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  • Powder Mixtape – A soundtrack for your inner cinema

    There are many differing opinions and attitudes when it comes to listening to music whilst skiing. It is without doubt that there are certain criteria, which apply to music fanatics and skiers, when one thinks about the potential dangers and risks.
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  • First aid and safety measures on the mountain

    Anyone who has taken a first aid course, be it during the course of their driving license, through the workplace or out of personal interest, knows the basics. Basically, therefore, that the majority of people feel the same in a situation where they...
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