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Kids just wanna have fun

“Daddy, let’s ski through the woods!“ Just recently our grandparents came to visit us and enjoyed skiing on the slopes in the surrounding area of St. Johann, just as they have always done. Sighing, I watched my offspring as they shot off the beautifully prepared slopes, in various low down skiing positions. I was sighing because I could hear rocks scraping against the bottom of their skis. This was thanks to all the warm weather we have been having recently. I knew this would mean doing some work on the skis before we could put them away for the summer…….

Be that as it may, my father interrupted my moaning, by simply saying: “You and your brother were just the same!“ and he was right, which is why I find it even nicer that (and I notice it especially more this year), even Ski amadé is addressing this trend. As regardless of which ski area you visit and whom you have in your group, there is always a Snow- or Funpark to suit everyone where a lot of fun can be had.

With three boys, ranging from the ages of 4 to 15, it is not that simple to put together a ski day to suit them all. The SOKO Funslope Wagrain, for example, includes 30 various elements spanning over a length of 600 metres. Waves, tight turns, 2 tunnels, various jumps and obstacles together with funny figurines, which the kids can high 5, make the runs down a really fun experience. These all inevitably end with them all crying: AGAIN!

However, it is not just Wagrain that scores points with this kind of offer. The list is long: Funslope Großarl, Königslehen Radstadt/Altenmarkt, FunRun Flachauwinkl or Monte Popolo in Eben etc.

For my two older boys, the abundance of Funpark offers have been very attractive for many years now and leave no wishes unfulfilled. The progressive separation of the parks for beginners and advanced lines is, in my opinion, a very clever idea. For one thing, there is a very relaxed run for Pro riders and those accompanying children, where they do not have to worry about beginners being in the middle of the park. More detailed information about the various possibilities regarding this kind of skiing can be found here.

The page is very well structured, where you can find videos, as well as photos of the various parks and there is also the possibility to choose your destination from the drop down boxes helping you to decide between a Snowpark, Funslope or Funcross/Crosspark.

For those of you who need more, we have a special treat waiting for you. The Eule Donwhill Cross race. It is a wild race from the Gernkogel station in Alpendorf, St. Johann down into the valley. Over 1040 change in altitude metres and a run down of 4,1 km on difficult slush and unprepared spring snow, promise a great run for the competitors and a great show for the spectators.

Jounes Weidacher

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