RIDE Ski amadé

  • A little bit of Freestyle 1x1

    The sport of Freestyle has gained popularity over the last few years, especially amongst the younger sports enthusiasts. This is certainly largely down to the fact that the lifestyle, which goes hand in hand with this sport, is portrayed as very...
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  • Cash4Tricks

    Cash4Tricks - the name says it all. The Cash4Tricks Tour always leads through the snow parks in Ski amadé from January to April. In the past years this format has developed into a great success and now there is even a collecting pass for...
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  • The Freestyle Discipline

    For many Boarders and Freestylers, the 10 Snowparks are the preferred locations in Ski amadé. With their creative set ups, they all make it into the rankings of the top Snowparks in the Alps. For example the Absolut Park in the Ski amadé region...
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  • 5 reasons why snowboarding is more awesome than skiing

    As a child, I like all other kids, learnt to ski in the kindergarten. I did not enjoy the ski course and in the race I came last. After this I started to admire snowboarders, who just looked way cooler than the boring skiers.
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  • Zwei Personen  carven gemeinsam über die Pisten in Ski amadé.

    10 reasons why skiing is better than snowboarding

    Skiing or snowboarding? A question, which certainly a lot of winter sports people have asked themselves. Mainly people tend to stick with what they learnt as a child. Or do they? But why skiing is simply cooler than snowboarding, I will reveal now:
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  • Powder Mixtape – A soundtrack for the movie in your mind

    There are many differing opinions and attitudes when it comes to listening to music whilst skiing. It is without doubt that there are certain criteria, which apply to music fanatics and skiers, when one thinks about the potential dangers and risks.
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