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1460 metres of fun: XXL Funslope on the Hauser Kaibling

The most fun attraction of the 4-mountain ski area is hidden in the centre of the Kaibling Alm on Hauser Kaibling: the XXL Funslope. Numerous obstacles guarantee fun and train endurance, coordination and reaction speed at the same time.

If you're bored of skiing on the normal pistes at the Hauser Kaibling or are looking for a new challenge, you should definitely take a detour to the Kaibling Alm. At 1460 metres, young and old alike can overcome numerous obstacles. A small overview of the challenges can be found here:

Clap once!
There are figures all along the course that you can high-five. Some even require you to squat down so that you can get the low high-fives. Make sure you catch them all! Some characters make exciting noises or wish you well along the way.

Watch out for bumps!
Straight down would be boring... that's why there are lots of bumps and larger hills along the way. If you've built up enough speed, you can even take a jump or two. You should be careful in the steep bends, as waves can accumulate here due to the busy driving, behind which there is only smooth ice.

Hoop Race
Ducking is the name of the game with the many rings on the Funslope. You ride through the obstacles like a slalom and of course have to be careful to crouch down far enough.

A ride through the snow house
Right at the start of the course is one of the most breathtaking highlights: a huge snow house in the middle of the course. But don't worry: although the house has a chimney and a window, it is quite easy to ride through! Just make sure that you get through the small front door tunnel without colliding.

Stop at the alpine policeman
If you have built up speed, you will hear a siren at the Slope Cop at the latest. If you exceed the speed limit, you will be flashed and have to get out of the way, or out of the snow, very quickly and speed on to the next obstacle. From here you can choose between two routes. But don't worry, you won't miss anything: next time, just take the other turn-off.

Don't slip
You get a real boost if you choose the right path: on the pink carpet at the very end of the Funslope. With a funny sound, you really step on the gas again on the way to the finish. But watch out: many have already fallen on the slippery pink surface.

Through the tunnel
For all those who choose the left-hand path: Before you cross the finish line, you have to duck again. Through the last tunnel to the finish sprint.

One last stroke
Before you have fought your way to the end of the Funslope, you can get rid of the last of your energy at the punching bag.

Where: The XXL Funslope is located in the Kaiblingalm, piste no. 8 - best reached via the Kaiblingalm ski trail, piste no. 6A!

Have fun on the Funslope and be sure to comment on which challenge is your favourite!

Bernadette Danklmayer

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