Beate Erlmoser

The valley of the alms or the end of the world

This flagship place “stunning Großarl, the valley of the alms,“ is also a must see in winter! Whether this place really is a dreamland, is not the question here, but as to whether there are wide slopes, which are suitable for beginners and which are also not too technical and which can even be enjoyed in January until closing time in the sunshine – you have reached your destination!

There are two possibilities available to you

1. Already at the entrance of the resort, in the district of Unterberg, there is a beginner kid’s lift, which could not be more perfect. Wide, wide, wide, slower, safe banana lift, flat with a run-out (for children, the Ski amadé arc at the bottom of the run is really spectacular), a small bumpy run and a race run: So even though there is no other lift close by, there is still enough to do.

As already mentioned, this facility is separated from the other lifts, which are however, not so difficult to get to – a 3 to 5 minute walk and the ski bus stops there every seven minutes.

The fact that there is this “separation“ should in no way be seen as a negative – no crowds at the lifts, the running of this facility keeps that in check; no crossing over of slopes; no out of control skiers which could be a potential danger to the little skiers; no dangerous mountain, where last but not least, the little ones could end up going down all too quickly; its own car park and the carrying of ski boots for the accompanying adult is not an absolute necessity!

Ski instructor tips

a) Wait at the back
Be the last one up the lift. It is easier to give instructions from there and if one of the kids accidentally falls off the lift, then it is much easier to deal with the situation.

b) Take the sun seriously
Don’t forget to put sun cream on yourself and your child! Straight after the winter solstice, at the end of December, the rays of the sun quickly become stronger and through the reflection of the snow can be very intense. Don’t forget your sunglasses!

2. Well, it is not only about pursuing the wish to teach a little family member how to ski but there is also the possibility that you yourself could also put in a few turns, either before, during or afterwards, as you can take the Panorama cable car up! Directly when you get off, there is a button lift!

Moreover you also have the possibility to have something to eat and drink at the Laireiteralm. Even here the sun remains faithful to the winter!

The inhabitants of this valley are nice people, even though it is not always possible to understand their rolling, drawn-out dialect, which takes some getting used to :) – High praise to the friendly lift workers and the impeccable slope conditions!

Beate Erlmoser

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