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Filzmoos - The Mecca for all-rounders!

Part 1 of "5 small, fine jewels from all regions in Ski amadé": Oh what a day! We did the ultimate test: What can you do in one day in a ski resort? I can reveal this much: There was a lot! Whether you're a little skier on the slopes, a snowboard beginner, an enduring cross-country skier, a leisurely winter or snowshoe hiker, a sporty ski tourer or a fast tobogganer... everyone really gets their money's worth in this small ski area. But let's start at the beginning...

"What are we doing today?" Full of beans, our 5-year-old woke us up last Sunday. One thing was clear: we couldn't sit at home in this beautiful weather. So we started a survey - 4 people, 4 results. "Well, let's do everything," suggested the 8-year-old. And what can I say: challenge accepted!

So we packed our boot full of great things - in this case all our skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and tobogganing equipment - and set off for snowy Filzmoos. And even though we live nearby and come here often, the mountain panorama on the journey is always amazing, even for us. "There's the Dachstein! And over there is the Bischofsmütze!" And we weren't even on the mountain yet.

Of course, not everyone has all their equipment to hand. But the
INTERSPORT branches offer a huge range of everything your heart desires. Skis, snowboards, cross-country skiing equipment, touring equipment, toboggans, snowbikes, helmet cameras and really cool old-school stuff like Bigfoot and monoskis. And best of all: you can even hire clothing! We think that's really good: you don't have to buy everything that you might only need for a few days a year or that might not even fit next season. This saves money and space in the wardrobe and is also environmentally friendly. What's more, you are always equipped with the latest ski fashion.

But on with the text:

On arrival in Filzmoos, Christoph and our little one threw on their cross-country skiing gear, the older one strapped on her skis and I put on my snowboard. So off we went on the Papageno cable car towards the mountain station.

Once at the top, dad and son set off straight onto the cross-country trail: The super-groomed high-altitude trail at 1,600 metres above sea level is quite literally a highlight for both leisurely beginners and advanced cross-country skiers. And we don't even have to mention the view of the magnificent mountain panorama. Both of us were thrilled. And next time we'll bring Grandma and Grandad with us, as winter and snowshoe hikers can also make the round to the Rossbrand right next to the cross-country ski trail.

So while the two of them had a great time cross-country skiing, I was able to explore the piste with our daughter. The adventure lifts on both the Papageno and the new 6-seater lift (Sixpack Mooslehen) were of course a must - several times over. And in between, we kept seeing ski tourers on both sides of the valley reaching the summit with big grins on their faces. There are two special routes in Filzmoos for "uphill ski tourers".

Meeting at the valley station and costume change: Dad and son swap cross-country skis for alpine skis, daughter swaps skis for a snowboard. As soon as everyone is ready, it's off to the platter lift. There, the older one practises her snowboard turns and the younger one whizzes through gates, over waves and small obstacles, perfecting his racing and freestyle skills. But it's all very relaxed and without an adrenaline rush and pulse rate of 180 for the parents. :)

At some point, our batteries naturally ran out and we needed something to eat: you don't have to look far in Filzmoos - cosy and rustic huts offer a selection of delicacies for young and old. And of course we had cheese noodels and yeast dumplings with us - the perfect refreshment for our grand finale: the last descent on the toboggan. Because - get this - in between we were back in the magic ball to change outfits and hardware (mini playback show sends its regards).

The toboggan run is operated by one of the huts, but you can take the toboggans up on the lift during normal operating hours. A very cool service, as we found - especially after a more than varied day. However, you should know that the toboggan run doesn't go all the way down to the valley, so you have to walk the last bit. A relaxing end to a very eventful day.

The second part of the series "5 small, fine jewels from all regions in Ski amadé" is coming soon: Rittisberg - The children scream with happiness and Kali says... nothing

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