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Rittisberg - The children are jubilant with happiness and Kali says... nothing

Part 2 of "5 small, fine gems from all regions in Ski amadé": Bright sunshine and snow-covered winter landscapes - of course we're drawn to the mountains. This time in Ramsau am Dachstein, more precisely on the Rittisberg. You can read about the many things we experienced there and even met local celebrities here. This much can be revealed: Even dinosaurs love Kaiserschmarrn!

The Rittisberg is one of the smaller areas in Ski amadé, more precisely in the Schladming-Dachstein region. But with its breathtaking views, it certainly doesn't have to hide: in the background, the Dachstein massif is very close and all around, countless snow-covered peaks make winter sports enthusiasts' hearts beat faster. We wave over to the Planai and the Hochwurzen and look forward to our skiing day, which is set to take a very special turn.

The Rittisberg is perfect for us because it is particularly suitable for families: firstly, there are mainly blue and red pistes, as well as children's lifts and - the absolute highlight for our kids - the fairytale descent. Small stations briefly tell different fairytale stories. From Rumpelstiltskin and the seven little goats to Hansel and Gretel, you can meet everything that has a place in the world of fairy tales. And there is often a statue of the fairy-tale character from the Rittisberg: the Rittisberg mascot Kali, the Ramsaurus.

Incidentally, the new Rittisberg cable car, a combination of gondolas and chairs, takes you to the top. Practical for some, because it's warmer in the gondolas. Practical for others who like to keep their skis or snowboard on. At the top, of course, the children immediately discover the playground - which is more for the summer, but seasons have never been an obstacle. Completely out of breath from climbing, they were left breathless. Because who did they discover at the lift exit: KALI, THE RAMSAURUS. For real, so to speak.

The fluffy, almost 2 metre high plush dinosaur made them smile and when we decided to go for a ride with him, the cheers were huge. With Kali through the fairytale forest over the snow-covered Rittisberg - amazing! But it wasn't just our little ones who were happy about the unexpected visit, the older visitors were too. And so numerous pictures were taken - as always when the celebrities make an appearance...

Of course, we didn't let ourselves get carried away and came up with something special with the dinosaur in front of our lens: an INTERVIEW WITHOUT WORDS. We asked questions and although Kali didn't talk, he was more than happy to answer them. And we learnt some new things. But see for yourself in the slideshow:


Now everyone knows about Kali, the Ramsaurus. And if you want to attract him on your next visit to the Rittisberg, you might be in luck with a fresh Kaiserschmarren.

Nicole Trojer

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