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Alpendorf – äußerst Kindgerecht

Ein Lob den Zuständigen der ausgezeichneten Pistenverhältnisse im Alpendorf in St. Johann! Es herrschen herrliche Bedingungen. Kompakter, gleichmäßig präparierter Schnee. Einfach perfekt zum Anfangen für Kinder.

Since there has not yet been quite enough snow to cover the areas down in the valley, the only possibility is to take the lift up the mountain.

When you get to the top, there are enough flat areas and very gentle slopes, which are perfect on which to get used to the skis. My kid just had fun stomping around in the snow in this fab blue ski boots! When he then had his skis on and he had gone into the race position a few times ”like they do on the tele”, whilst skiing down in my arms (also for the first try skiing down, there are numerous possibilities), we then ventured up a bit further to the practice lift at the Obergassalm, to a so-called ”button lift”.

Two routes take you there. You can either ski down a short steep slope to the ”baby lift”, this takes you directly to the button lift or you can take the Obergassalm lift (a chairlift), then take your child between your legs and ski down together to the aforementioned lift.! For both options, you need strong legs!!!

So now you are asking the question, why are you going from one kid’s lift to the other?! The upper button lift is not so steep and the slope is much wider. So, for beginners simply more advantageous.

Another possibility where you can teach skiing to the little ones in Alpendorf is the button lift at the Kreistenalm, which is already in operation. You get there with the Gernkogelbahn lift. This ends directly at the Kreistenalm. This lift has the advantage that this slope is separate from the main slopes. There is also enough run out at the bottom so that the kids can really get some speed up.

My tips this time:

First of all, let your child just walk around in the ski boots, then to walk around with one ski on and then with both.
Here it is important that you let the child stomp around on their own, that means do not push them up or pull them up, as they will then get a better feeling for the skis and this much quicker. Then let your child ski down a very gentle incline, whereby the skis are in a parallel position. Here it is important that the child places their hands on their knees, then they will bend automatically.

In conclusion, I can highly recommend skiing in Alpendorf and the lift operators are more than helpful and considerate when it comes to children.

Our next trip is to Großarl. More about this next time….

Until then – happy skiing with the little ones!

Beate Erlmoser

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