Esther Ebner

Being a sports scientist and globetrotter, Esther has already met many people and places. She has found her home in the Pongau region in Salzburg as here is where she finds all she needs: breath-taking nature and kind people.

  • After skiing is before skiing: How to regenerate the best

    Regeneration? Why do you need it when skiing? I'll expand a bit on this and then we'll delve into my special field of sports science.
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  • Vitamin C – A Power boost for winter

    Vitamin C is nothing new to anyone who is concerned with healthy nutrition. Those who do not deal with it have at least heard about it. Vitamin C is present in many foods. In winter, it is worthwhile to focus on it.
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  • Walking, hiking and mountainbiking on the mountain during summer time with Ski amadé summer lifts

    Healthy snacks on the mountain

    When the body calls for energy, all the ingredients should be at hand for optimal nutrition while hiking on the mountain. And anyone who has ever done an extensive hiking tour of 3-4 hours or longer knows the good feeling of having packed a valuable...
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  • Are you graving for some summer vibes already, too? 

    Have you ever had that in the beautiful Ski amadé ,ountains? Feeling the summer under your feet, lying in the green grass, the clear wind around your forehead and the blue sky as a view. 
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  • Exposed – what to wear underneath your skipants and -jacket?

    Like an onion, peel after peel are lined up underneath the ski clothing. Nobody wants to freeze or have it too hot on the mountain. It is therefore important that you do your individual adjustment for your personal well-being. There are now...
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  • Far away from everyday life, on top of the world at home

    Where are you with your thoughts at the moment? Longing for a deep snow-covered mountain slope with skis on your feet in Ski amadé, the next project at work or cleaning the kitchen, which is still so messy after cooking.
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  • With these 3 powerhouses we will stay fit together

    Wow, it's really not an easy situation. Many of us are in lockdown, but for the sake of physical and mental health one should definitely soak up the sunshine and use them for sporting activities in the fresh air. Anyone who thinks they won't need...
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  • How and where you can find calmness once again

    Have you ever sought tranquillity? In your everyday life, in a situation, with a person, in this life? If your answer is YES, then you are already on the right path to finding calmness.
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    Enjoying the sun during sunshine skiing in Ski amadé