Esther Ebner

Being a sports scientist and globetrotter, Esther has already met many people and places. She has found her home in the Pongau region in Salzburg as here is where she finds all she needs: breath-taking nature and kind people.

  • © Reiteralm Bergbahnen

    Balancing exercises for Après-Ski sore muscles

    Do you want to party after skiing or snowboarding and never let the good times end? You have well earned it during your winter holidays. This is your time to enjoy yourself!
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  • Immune system boost- How to not catch a cold while on vacation

    There is an unwritten law that says: The cold begins when the holiday starts. What is the reason of it and how can you boost your immune system so that viruses and bacteria don't stand a chance?
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  • Yoga can do everything. stretch, strengthen, stay mobile

    The ski season needs preparation. Anyone who spends a lot of time in the office or at work needs physical training so that the winter holiday can be mastered powerful, with little risk of injury and a lot of endurance in the thighs.
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  • Are you graving for some summer vibes already, too? 

    Have you ever had that in the beautiful Ski amadé ,ountains? Feeling the summer under your feet, lying in the green grass, the clear wind around your forehead and the blue sky as a view. With the Ski amadé summer lifts you beam yourself...
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  • An insider tip at the end of the season: Sulz and Firn

    Who wants to know the insider tip at the end of the ski season? You? Well then, I have two things that you can only find here in Ski amadé. Of course everything is made by nature. Therefore, the insider tip also depends on the seasons and their...
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  • Natural snow: A pearl in Ski amadé

    The special thing about natural snow areas is the feeling of skiing on natural snow. There are few pearls that can do without snow cannons. One of these pearls is in Ski amadé: It is a ski area in Mühlbach am Hochkönig and is called...
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  • Snowboarding saved skiing: Peter Radacher explains.

    One man, one great passion. Peter (aka Pez) Radacher is the founder of the snowboard museum in the Hochkönig region. In 2002/2003 he started this project out of a great personal passion, which is snowboarding.
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  • The magic happens right here in Ski amadé

    Winter, the silent and white season. Anyone who has ever been in a snowy landscape knows the calming yet breathtaking effect. Everything rests under this white landscape hood. That touches the human senses.
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    Perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé
  • Kaiserschmarrn love: what makes the heart jump faster

    The way to ones heart goes through the stomach. This saying is well known. Food and smells remind us of good memories, shared moments and experiences of warmth, togetherness and family. If a dessert in Austria can do all of that, then it is our...
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  • After skiing is before skiing: How to regenerate the best

    Regeneration? Why do you need it when skiing? I'll expand a bit on this and then we'll delve into my special field of sports science.
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