Esther Ebner

Tips and tricks for powerful skiers' calves

The calves are an important link between the feet, the thighs and the upper body. These muscles perform many coordinative movement and stabilization functions. When skiing, a lot of power is transferred from the feet to the leg muscles. The better the muscles are coordinated, the more fun you will have doing sports with it!

In the video I show you which simple exercises you can do for your calves. It is again designed in such a way that it can find a place in your everyday life. Because prevention is always better than healing.

Additional balance training helps to minimize your risk of injury on the slopes. Once you do this exercise in the office, you will find how it improves your concentration because everything is directed inwards. It is also a very good focus exercise for everyday life. Feel free to set aside a time slot a day where you can incorporate this exercise into a routine. It is best to start two to three months before your ski season so that you have the goal in mind.

You can support muscle metabolism and connective tissue with a foam roller or tennis balls. Roll the calves over a foam roller or a tennis ball. Contrast showers are also wonderful for the muscles.

Enjoy trying!

Esther Ebner

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