Esther Ebner

Natural snow: A pearl in Ski amadé

The special thing about natural snow areas is the feeling of skiing on natural snow. There are few pearls that can do without snow cannons. One of these pearls is in Ski amadé: It is a ski area in Mühlbach am Hochkönig and is called Hochkeil. Everything is a little different there. 

For one simple reason:

The nature is the strong limiting and leading factor. The number of parking spaces is limited, there is no chairlift and just one umbrella bar with drinks and small snacks directly on the slope. The special thing about this ski area is that you pretty much always have the imposing Mandelwand in view – an incredibly awesome mountain face of the Hochkönig.

The special location results in a lot of snow in winter, so you can often find good powder snow and the best slope conditions here.

Many are looking for the original way of skiing. The "back to nature" trend is having a positive impact on the small and lesser-known ski area. What used to be a disadvantage is now an advantage.

This small ski area is part of a strong association with Ski amadé. If there is still no snow here, ski guests can take advantage of the offer in the surrounding large ski areas: including free ski buses.


What do regular guests say about the ski area? What is particularly beautiful?

The location. There are beautiful houses that fit into the landscape and the area is not very built up. The Mandelwand is in front of the door. A free ski bus. A lot of nature experiences. You are always closely connected to nature. And a lot of CALMNESS. Not only calmness, but also silence. The compactness and clarity of the ski area makes it something very special. Children have a lot of freedom. Although the area is small, you will still find untouched deep snow lines three days after the fresh snow. Little light turns the night into night. If you are looking for silence, you will find it right there.

Not only skiers get their money's worth here, but also ski tourers and cross-country skiers. This ski resort even has its own hydroelectric power station, which has recently been modernized. This power plant delivers 90-100 kWh for the energy of the five lifts. Even the larger houses try to take many steps to minimize their energy consumption. It is a cycle of its own and a cosmos of its own. Self-sufficient and yet connected.

If I put this ski resort in 5 words, they would be:
►  Stunning
►  Simplicity
►  Deceleration
►  Quiet
►  Compact

This pearl has its own value. A pearl in Ski amadé that is definitely worth a visit.

Esther Ebner

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