Marietta Weißofner

  • Enjoying the sun during sunshine skiing in Ski amadé

    Off to the slopes and towards the sun

    The most relaxed time for a skiing holiday is now! The sun is rushing its way through the snow clouds, skiing on the finely groomed slopes with one or two extended breaks on one of the sun terraces is undoubtedly the finest combination for a perfect...
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  • The ultimate skiing fun – 4 things, which you simply must do in Ski amadé

    Not only the ski resorts are great in Ski amadé, but also how much adventure you can have there. So here are the Top 5 tips, which everyone should do in Ski amadé.
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  • Ski hut dishes to make at home

    I admit, I am not a gourmet per se, but I do appreciate good food in the ski huts. Many huts in Ski amadé have long since diverged away from the usual schnitzel and chips and now create wonderful dishes from local products.
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