Lisa Schiefer

5 reasons why you should spend New Year’s (on the slopes) in Ski amadé

The most frequently asked question at the end of the year is: What are we going to do for New Year’s Eve? If one reads between the lines, this celebration (sometimes forced), is often associated with stress and indecisiveness, which causes many people to contemplate just sleeping through it. In the end, the world does keep on turning and functioning “normally“ (luckily) after New Year’s Eve. For all those who are undecided, I have put together 5 reasons why Ski amadé is the perfect place to celebrate New Year’s Eve:

1. The ideal end to the year
There is simply no better end to the year, for ski and snowboard freaks, than spending it on the slopes. What could be nicer than making a few turns in the snow, drinking a mulled wine or a hot chocolate with friends, and saying cheers to the year gone by?

2. The Perfect New Year’s Eve party in the valley
On New Year’s Eve, there are numerous parties going on in the après ski bars down in the valley (e.g. Dampfkessel or Hofstadl in Flachau), which are unparalleled end of year parties. When the masses head out of the bars at midnight, we recommend going a short way up the mountain to watch the fireworks from there (please be aware that the slopes are closed and of the freshly prepared slopes).

3. Ski amadé world – off the slopes
Also, off the slopes, one can experience an unforgettable New Year’s Eve night. Numerous toboggan runs and quaint huts (e.g. Berggasthof Sattelbauer in Flachau, Hochnössleralm in Altenmarkt) usually offer a special New Year’s Eve party and set meal. Besides, also be aware that the fireworks look especially great from the mountain. A little tip: book in advance!

4. Alone on the slopes on the 01.01
If it is the case that you would rather spend New Year’s Eve in bed or are simply one of those people who can survive on less sleep, then you could head up to the slopes at 8.30 am on the 1.1 and probably be one of the only people on the slopes. Getting up early really pays off and the fresh air and the exercise will fend off that hangover.

5. The first New Year’s resolution can be put into practice
Have you got any New Year’s resolutions? If doing more sport and getting more exercise is one of them, then you are in exactly the right place in Ski amadé! There is nothing standing in your way of a sporty start to 2019, with skiing, tobogganing, snowshoe hiking or cross-country skiing (e.g. Höhenloipe am Rossbrand in Filzmoos) on offer in Ski amadé.

So, how will you spend New Year’s? I am looking forward to hearing all about it and wish you a great start to a snow-filled and accident free year, 2020!

Lisa Schiefer

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