Genious and regional. Meeting place of the sweet taste.

Those who like to travel probably already recognized, that the food tastes the best, if enjoyed near to it's country or even valley of origin. The partners of the ski amadé enjoyment initiative are located noteworthy near to it's purchaser's, so that the unspoilt taste is nearly a must try in Ski amadé.

The local producers and farmers in Ski amadé are definitly not that far away from our "enjoyment partners" (Partners of the culinary initiative, which have been proven by ski amadé), just as you could taste it. The products are purchaised by local producers and even some of the "enjoyment partners"  also sell their own made products.

The hosts are putting especially those products during the ski and wine enjoyment week into the limelight. During this week all 5 ski regions in ski amadé are under the motto "culinary and austrian wine enjoyment". Displayed market stalls and selected austrian food and wine offers at the mountain huts will ensure an extraordinary ski experience. Do you want to know what is going on during this week, than have a look at our program

Underneath the snow cover there can be found a microcosmos. We illustrated the circle of seasons and its regional and unique delicacies, which come with it.

Chickens on the farm, which deliver eggs for pastries, busy honey-bees which select pollen for honey, sheeps, which ensure warm feets during the winters.  Fishes, which grow in fresh water so that we can enjoy them throughout the year,  berries which get boiled down into sweet jam.  And last but not least the famous rowanberry, if destilled  is one of the austrians best kept secret if it comes to digestives, which keep one's promise.

Those mentioned primary products are essential for an ultimate ski experience, when it comes to lure the skiiers into the cosy mountain huts with fresh "Kaiserschmarren" and "Bauernkrapfen" (fried doughnuts).

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Judith Schmuck

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