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8 Xmas Gift Tips

It is the same every year, Christmas comes around very quickly, and before you know it, it is the 24th of December! However, there is still time to write or to rewrite your letter to Father Christmas or to let our gift ideas for your friends and family inspire you.

Our suggestions are perfect for those looking for something special, that won’t be exchanged after the holidays or that will disappear onto the bottom shelf in the living room. Have fun browsing.

1. The lifesaver – the Ski amadé voucher

Puh, lucky you! Very easy and available up to the very last minute - for any value and in different styles you can get it at everywhere by using the PRINT@HOME function. The voucher can be reedeemd at every Liftcompany ticket counter in Ski amadé.

Print it out here

2. Ski amadé MADE MY DAY packages

"The best time in life is when you feel you're in the right place with the right people at the right time." And that's exactly what you can experience in Ski amadé with the new “made my day” packages. Because it’s an brandnew offer, there are no vouchers available yet, but you can also easily create your own gift card and then choose the perfect package together :)

All packages at a glance can be found here

3. On the track of enjoyment

An invitation to dinner? We know way better options ? Invite your loved ones on a Ski amadé enjoyment ski routes. Here you go on delicious little trips through the ski area and discover a culinary highlight after another. And good food also comes along with plenty of time together and skiing adventures.

You can find all the Ski amadé pleasure-skiing routes at https://www.skiamade.com/en/Winter/Taste/Ejoyment-Ski-Routes.

TIP: The Routes are also integrated in the mobile Ski amadé app and can be traced easily. Detailed information about the ski huts included!

4. Fat biking in Schladming-Dachstein

A tour along the Hochwurzen natural toboggan run in the Schladming-Dachstein region on a ”Fat bike” is really great. A 3 hour long, 28km downhill run and 3,500 climb adventure trail are all there for you. This is perfect for adrenalin junkies who also like to come home drunk on fun. The Hochwurzen cable car can take you up to the top, to the start, many times over, so that you can save your strength for the downhill thrill.

More information here

5. Breakfast at the summit in Gastein

This is our suggestion, for those who prefer good food and relaxed dining instead of racing their friends down the black slopes. The cable car brings you comfortably to the top and a local guide will take you up to the summit cross of the Kreuzkogels, which is only a 400m walk. In the legendary glass-aluminium dome, which was built by the famous architect Gerhard Garstenauer, a culinary delight awaits you. Fresh, local dishes and a view over 400 mountain peaks is the best recipe for an unforgettable breakfast.

All information here

6. Snow biking in the Salzburger Sport World

It is not compulsory to only use skis in order to get down the slopes. This can also be done whilst sitting down on so-called “Snow bikes.“ In any case, a completely new feeling and after 1 or 2 hours of teaching from professionals, you can explore the ski resort all by yourself. It is really fun and is something different. Also suitable for a hut crawl ;)

Rent here!

7. Relaxing massage or beauty treatment in one of our many Spa hotels

Simply treat your loved ones to a bit of time out. The various experiences in the winter world around Ski amadé can sometimes make you a bit tired. For those who want to make the most of every minute on the slopes and want to keep their ski poles in their hands right up to the last lift run, will surely enjoy one of the many massages or beauty treatments in one of our Spa hotels or in the thermal baths in Gastein and Altenmarkt. From Ayurveda to Zen massages, there is plenty to choose from for the perfect present.

Spa hotels in Ski amadé

8. Clothing and accessories

Fun and great conditions on perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé

The sports and fashion stores in Ski amadé can score with top support and advice. Incidentally, in the world of fashion, everything you like is allowed in terms of colors: from really colorful to the classic colors of skiing (red, white, blue) everything can be worn. "Urban", "fashionable", "stylish" - these are the buzzwords in relation to ski and snowboard fashion trends in 2021.

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