Modern ski lifts and perfect ski slopes in Ski amadé
Modern ski lifts and perfect ski slopes in Ski amadé
Christian Voggenberger

Safety first - safety on the slopes

The winter season is already in full swing. But before we make the next turns in the white gold, we should give some thought to safety on and off the slopes.

#1 Warm Up!

Even if the sight of the blue sky above the brilliant white slope almost magically draws us to the summit, it is advisable to get our muscles in a sporty mood before we plunge down the slopes. The standard exercises such as jumping jacks, running on the spot at the parking lot or arm circles can be replaced or expanded with simple exercises. Useful tutorials for this can be found on the web, but there are also no limits to your own creativity.

#2 If you have a brain, you protect it 😉 - protective clothing

Even if you would rate yourself as a very safe skier/snowboarder, we are rarely alone on the slopes and some dangerous situations can arise. In order to prevent serious injuries, it is highly recommended to wear a suitable and fitting ski helmet, which also keeps our ears warm. In addition, a suitable back protector also fulfills its purpose in the event of a fall. In order not to invest your money wrong, it makes sense to buy these useful gadgets from specialist retailers with proper advice. The INTERSPORT Rent shops in Ski amadé can definitely be recommended.

#3 Make yourself visible!

Visibility is not always as we would like it to be. Fog and snowfall are frequent guests at the ski resorts in winter. To be seen by other skiers even in bad weather conditions, bright, colorful sportswear is very useful.

#4 Security is a matter of attitude

So that everything stays where it is, the setting of our sports equipment is an important point for safety. Bindings that are too light or too heavy can lead to serious injuries in the event of a fall. Here, too, it is advisable to get specialist personnel for advice and to have them take a close look at it.

#5 If something does happen after all – first aid for skiing accidents

Unfortunately, it can never be completely ruled out. We enjoy our turns and suddenly we see an accident or a fallen person. In order to prevent worse from happening here, quick action is necessary. Even if it has been a while since the last first aid course, there are still some things that can be carried out without special knowledge:

1.       Secure: Stick your skis or those of another person crossed into the snow as far away as possible uphill from the scene of the accident. If the accident happened below a point that is difficult to see, place the skis in front of this point to warn following people in good time.

2.       Emergency call: 144 is the number for the rescue service, 140 for the mountain rescue service. The quicker an emergency call is made, the quicker help is on site.

3.       Stay there: Do not leave the person who has had an accident alone. Injured people are usually under stress and don't know what to do best. Give them moral support until further help arrives.

4.       Warmth: In winter, if you don't move, you quickly get cold. Warming material helps people who have had an accident to not get cold. Aluminum rescue blankets are particularly suitable here. These are folded up very small and fit perfectly in any ski jacket pocket.

The ski season can begin with these tips and suggestions. Have fun on the slopes and always remember: Safety first!

Christian Voggenberger

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