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5 tips for skiers who are always cold

Many of you are familiar with it: the sun is shining; there is not a cloud in the sky – I simply must go onto the slopes! If only the icy cold could stay away… In order for you to enjoy your day on the slopes in the cold temperatures, I have prepared a couple of tips for you, which have, in recent years, proven to be helpful, regardless whether you are a skier or a snowboarder.

#1: Ski boot heaters

The most important thing on a ski day without spring temperatures is my ski boot heater. These can either be installed directly into the ski boot or in the soles. I prefer the portable version where you can use the heaters whenever you like. So, you will not only have warm feet during your ski or snowboard day but also when attending outdoor events such as ski races or concerts. When you want to purchase such heaters pay attention to the different levels of heating which you can adjust manually.

#2: Heat pads for your hands

Another important gadget are my heat pads. The heat-giving pads or tape are available for all possible body parts, but personally I think it’s most important to keep your hands warm, as your fingers don’t do much whilst skiing. Personally, I prefer reusable heat pads to prevent waste.

#3: Gloves, with which you can still use your smartphone

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This is also an important one for the hands. Now you no longer have to choose between having warm fingers or photos and videos of your wonderful ski day when you choose to invest in some warm gloves with which you can still work your smartphone. I therefore, have been using thick mittens with thin liners underneath for some years now, and with the liners I can still work the display of my phone and the mittens are warmer than normal gloves.

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#4: Thin headband under the ski helmet

Fun and great conditions on the perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé

The head is known to be the part of the body that loses the most heat. Therefore, it is important to keep it warm. That is why I never go onto the slopes without my headband which warms my head under my helmet. It stops the wind coming between my goggles and my helmet and it keeps the ears warm too. In addition, a headband or a hat also keeps your head nice and warm while you are having lunch at a ski hut.

#5: Dress appropriately: the onion-look

Fun and great conditions on perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé

In addition to the hands and feet, the rest of your body is of course not unimportant in its fight against the cold. The best way to ensure this is with the so-called onion look with many layers. The bottom layer should be breathable ski underwear which keeps your warm and dissipates perspiration. Part of your ski underwear should also be the right ski socks – here you should pay attention to the right quality! After this you get the middle layer in which you should feel comfortable. I mostly use sport pants and a hoody for optimal mobility. If it’s very cold, I will wear a soft-shell jacket on top. Then comes the important layer; the ski trousers and the ski jacket. Make sure that these last ones are waterproof to ensure that the layers underneath stay dry.

If you follow these tips, you will make your next ski day a lot more fun – without having to think about how cold it is.

Eva Pfisterer

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