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Hiking – How far is it? And can I manage the kilometers and vertical meters in terms of fitness?

In Ski amadé you will find over 100 hiking routes in summer that you can reach with the summer lifts. If you want to commit one of these routes, find out beforehand how many kilometers and meters in altitude are waiting for you and how long the average walking time is.

And YES, it makes a difference whether I go ten kilometers at an altitude of 200 meters or whether I go two kilometers at an altitude of 1,000 meters. With the first variant, the path is probably rather flat, but long and I should have trained my stamina well. Variant two it is certainly very steep and possibly there is a need of climbing and I need not only stamina but also strength to make the ascent and descent.

My advice:
It is best to find out more on the websites of the local tourism associations. Ski amadé has collected everything here on how to find the right tour for your fitness level.


Train your mountain body all year round. So that your muscles can withstand the stress they are exposed to on the mountain (uphill and downhill). Train strength and endurance in equal measure. Take a look at how many kilometers, meters in altitude and what walking time are waiting for you and assess realistically whether you and your companions can do it.

Which exercises help?

  • Squats: They strengthen your leg muscles. This allows the muscles to absorb the force acting on your joints, both when going uphill and downhill. This prevents knee problems.
  • Superman and deadlifts: if done correctly, they strengthen your back muscles, which you need to carry your backpack up and down without having to spend the rest of your vacation on the massage bed. Caution: keep your back straight when deadlifting and if you feel a stretch in the hamstring muscle, you're doing it right.
  • Don't forget your upper arms! Dumbbells or push-ups can strengthen your upper arms. So you can grip securely, even when it comes to climbing and holding on.
  • Planks: They are the means to a well-trained core. The more stable the trunk, the easier is your life.


Always with Tranquility

Already during training and also when you go into the mountains, make sure that your pulse does not move to infinite heights. A heart rate monitor helps you keep track of things. This protects your heart and you will not be out of breath when you get to the top.

For everyone who does not have a heart rate monitor, the following applies: If you can still talk to your friends and family while walking, your heart rate is okay. When you are alone, only breathe in through your nose – a top indicator of whether you are moving too fast.

Magdalena Putz

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