© Bergbahnen Wagrain
© Bergbahnen Wagrain

In the tracks of the locals

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Insider tips of the locals

Wagrain – Snow Space Salzburg

Where do the locals like going? As a visitor that is quite difficult to find out, but we will give you a little peak. When you live in the mountains and can ski anytime, you also go inside for food or drinks rather than just go skiing ;).

A good start to the day is definitely: go up on the Flying Mozart in Wagrain to have breakfast at the Kogelalm. Very bourgeois and tasty with cheese, sausages, ham, jam, rolls, different kinds of eggs, coffee, tea etc. At 9 o’ clock in Austria, it is time for an ‘early get together’. In Bayern it is known as ‘bread time’ or ‘white sausage-break’ and exactly that is offered at the Almstadl with a glass of beer. A couple of turns later, it is time for lunch and with the run to the Griessarenkareck, the highest point in Wagrain, you can already smell the ribs being prepared on the smoker on the run to the Wagrainerhaus. These will make you feel a little thirsty so there will be a ‘ski water’ for adults in the Hachau Alm with inn-keeper Franz. A couple of jokes are on the house. Last but not least – the Krapfenalm, ok now the secret is out. A lot of donuts in different variations, for example with blueberry jam, the ‘bus-driver’ donut with sauerkraut and bacon and many more we just cannot say no to.



  • Kogelalm, Flying Mozart, Wagrain: With the Flying Mozart Bahn you can reach the Griesenkareck. There you can also find the Kogelalm. A hut loved by the locals, among other things for the breakfast with cheese, sausages, ham, jam, rolls, different kinds of eggs, coffee, tea and much more
  • Almstadl: An early stop calls for an early glass of beer. In Bayern also known in combination with eating ‘white sausage’ and because that is a little further away, we also have ‘white sausage’ here with beer.
  • Wagrainerhaus: Go up to the Griessenkareck – the highest point in Wagrain with a stop at the Wagrainerhaus. Here they have fresh ribs out of the smoker with baked potato, daily.
  • Crossing over with the G-link: A small highlight for you, the Gondela G-LINK in Snow Space Salzburg offers a connection between the two ski and hiking mountains Grafenberg and Griessenkareck which are separated by the village of Wagrain.
  • Hachaualm: When you ask a local which hut has the most rustic landlord, they will all say the ‘Hachaualm’! Franz has always got a joke ready for you and a ski water for adults according to a secret recipe.
  • Krapfenalm: Another insider tip. It may not be the hut with the most style but is definitely known by everyone. The name says it all. Donuts in all different kinds of variations. Donuts with blueberry jam, ‘bus driver’ donut with sauerkraut and bacon and much more.