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Ice-skating rink Wagrain

Wagrain tel. 0664 / 3628270 Details
The artificial ice-rink with floodlighting is right next to the valley station "Flying Mozart". Reservation and information: Willi Ellmauthaler

Onkel Tom's

Höllensteinweg 16, 5602 Wagrain tel. +43 660 4590703


Höllensteinweg 31, 5602 Wagrain tel. 0043 (0)6413 8404 website

Taxi AV

Markt 31, 5602 Wagrain tel. +43 6413 71271 website   /   e-mail

Tobogganing runs in Wagrain

Wagrain Details

Seitenbauer: length approx. 3 kms
Berghofalm/Nazbauer: length approx. 3 kms

Karl Heinrich Waggerl Museum

K. H. Waggerl-Strasse 1, 5602 Wagrain Details
A secret spell must have been cast on this village - which is why the famous Austrian author, Karl Heinrich Waggerl, lived from 1920 until his death in 1973 in this charmingly situated house on the Kirchboden.

Parish Church Wagrain

Wagrain Details
The early Gothic church, dedicated to St. Rupert, and where Mohr served as independent curate, was first mentioned in documents in 1359.


5602 Wagrain tel. +43 664 3569593 e-mail

Taxi Wagrain

Markt 168, 5602 Wagrain tel. +43 6413 7200   /   fax +43 6413 720044 website   /   e-mail

Town Church Wagrain

Wagrain Details
Archbishop Markus Sittikus ordered the church, dedicated to St. Francis, to be built in 1616 as subsidiary church, as the bells from the Parish Church in town could not be heard, and the paths to church in winter were always icy.