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Snowboarding Fashion in Ski amadé

The next snowboarding season is starting and it’s time for a new outfit. You want to look good on the slopes, but have no idea what the current trends are? Then you have come to the right place. This guide shares my top picks for the current snowboard fashion trends in the 2022/23 season, based on extensive research on the slopes.


Where would snowboarders be without their pants? They protect your knees and behind from freezing when you sit down and prevent snow from getting inside. Or at least they should. Normal snow pants aren’t up to the task anymore. Remember crash landing in powder snow and the iciness getting everywhere up your back and down your legs? Snowboarding fashion brands adapted, and now everyone is wearing bib pants, to prevent that icy coldness from touching your skin. I really advise buying some, they are a lifesaver!


Noone wants their face to freeze off. That’s why the trend regarding snow goggles is: the bigger the better! This way they cover most of your face and what can’t be covered by them, is covered by your face mask. It protects you from windburn and prevents your goggles from fogging up. Face masks have made a big comeback in recent years and look really stylish.


In recent years, brands have adopted what we already knew in our hearts: that layering is important for every snowboarder. But why do we need so many layers? The Answer: You need one layer to absorb the sweat, one layer to insulate you and one to fend off the wind and snow. So, a shirt, or skiing underwear, a warm hoodie, and a long jacket. Layering like this helps you stay warm even at – 20 °C, and you can easily shed your many layers if it gets too warm. Seeing a snowboarder without a baggy hoodie below the jacket is a rare sight. Indeed: Whether at the park or in Ski amadé’s “Almhüttn” (mountain huts); those warm hoodies appear everywhere.


Choosing a fitting jacket is one of the most important things. It should be able to adequately protect you from the biting cold and snowstorms, but also look amazing. On top of that, snowboarding jackets should be long enough to protect you from the snow when you sit down on the slope. In the last few years, I have noticed a growing trend on the slopes of Austria's Alps. More and more people have started wearing so-called “Riding Hoodies”, a style which originated from street wear designs. They look like normal hoodies, with the pocket in front and everything, but are, in fact, jackets in disguise. And the brand most well-known and liked for that style of snowboarding fashion is Dope. The park in particular is swarming with Dope Riding Hoodies. That’s not surprising: They are high quality jackets and look really cool. Dressed in one of these, even the most basic turn transforms into a stylish movement.

Lilly Ehrlich

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