Fun and great conditions on perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé
Fun and great conditions on perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé
Beate Erlmoser

Tips for learning to ski as an adult – part 1

You haven't been on skis for years or even decades? Do you have respect for trying again, or maybe you have never been skiing at all? You don't know how, when and where to start (again)? One thing is certain, it is never too late to experience this very special feeling of freedom, nature, the snow-covered mountain, with two boards on your feet!

Rent or buy equipment?

The equipment is probably the most important thing in order to start the coming season without an accident. The ski should have sufficient edges and surface and also be checked for the risk of "compression". The control of these three things should definitely be done by experts. When buying new skis, you should seek advice from experts. The most expensive product is not always the most suitable.

In Ski amadé there is a practical, inexpensive and sustainable alternative to buying: 31 INTERSPORT Rent Shops in Ski amadé guarantee fast service, first-class rental equipment and, in addition to winter sports equipment, high-quality ski outfits to rent! This is the perfect solution, especially for families with children who have outgrown their ski pants every winter!

With a beginner friendly rental ski, beginners can safely venture out onto the slopes. In addition there are various other winter sports activities where you can rent the equipment, such as snowboarding, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. The INTERSPORT Service Network in Ski amadé guarantees that the most modern winter sports equipment can be rented, exchanged and returned at any INTERSPORT location.

Adequate clothes

The clothing that is put on for skiing is basically up to you. It is important that your skiing clothes are warm, waterproof and offer adequate wind protection. A tube or bandana is recommended to keep the neck warm. The danger of a scarf getting stuck at the lift, losing it during skiing and possibly wrapping it around your skis is too high. Make sure that the gloves are of good quality so that you can stay on the slopes as long as you want to and your stay on the mountain is not determined by your freezing fingers.

Correct hillside location

The choice of the slope is an important aspect for the new start on the two boards. There are usually black, red and blue slopes to choose from. Black marks the most challenging slopes, red slopes are for advanced skiers and blue slopes are easy to ski. But here, too, caution is advised, because not every blue slope is as easy as other blue slopes. At the beginning, the slope should be moderately steep to completely flat. It is best to seek advice from people who are familiar with the area.

Check conditions

Once the equipment has been checked, the right clothing has been chosen and the perfect slope has been found, the next step is to check the upcoming weather situation. If there seems to be good skiing weather in the valley, it does not mean that it is the same on the mountain. It is advisable to find out the weather forecast in advance. If strong winds or even gusts are forecast, it is unfortunately not advisable to go up the mountain. Even when it is snowing or raining, skiing is only recommended for experienced or deep snow skiers.

Warm up

Before you go skiing, preferably even before breakfast, you should first stretch your body. Warm up the muscles, even a short workout is a good preparation for your body. Many injuries can be prevented by properly warming the body before skiing.

Correctly assess time and stamina

Don't plan anything other than skiing on your first day on the slopes. Just one hour of being active on the slopes can be enough. As soon as you feel tired it is advisable to end your day on the slopes. The effort is not only due to the sporting activity. In addition, in comparison to some other sports, there is a heavy equipment, the fresh air and of course the height of the mountain. It's better to take a break earlier and enjoy a warm cocoa.

Now nothing stands in the way of your first day of skiing!

The next article contains tips to get you started on two boards ... Let's go!

Beate Erlmoser

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