Oliver Seuffer-Wasserthal

A skiday for those making a comeback on skis

It was in 2007 that I got back on skis again, after a ten year break. With an old, well-known phased-out pair of skis, a not so trendy outfit, a great deal of uncertainty and ski enthusiastic friends, I started my descent downhill, in the truest sense of the word.

This does not sound like the best winter sport experience and that is right! And it really did take a while until I started to enjoy myself.

If I could relive my comeback to skiing once again, then I would go about it in a completely different way: very chilled, partially planned and with a bit of luxury.

My 6 point plan for comeback skiers:

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Point 1:

I would treat myself to a day of instruction. On this website https://www.checkyeti.com, you can check out your personal yeti....I mean ski instructor. Each instructor has his/her own profile with a photo, a description, availability and customer ratings. You can contact your ski instructor directly over this platform, compare prices and book online directly.

Point 2:

I would rent the ski equipment directly at the lift station. To buy new skis before making the first turn would be a bit excessive. To borrow bits of equipment here and there from friends is also not the easiest. However with professional rental skis, there is nothing to object to. Apart from paying an additional few Euros, but these are well invested. At the ski rental, I will be well advised and can choose the perfect ski for me. If I then do not like them, then I can swap them for another pair after a few runs.

Point 3:

I would definitely get a half-day pass. This is more than enough for the very first day. It is better to start calmly and to increase slowly. Moreover, that then leaves plenty of time in the afternoon for a nice cosy hut stop.

Point 4:

I would carefully select ski resorts and slopes: carefully, I would try out blue and red runs, and slowly get back to my previous level, and leave the more challenging and steeper slopes for a little bit longer. The ski resort could also be a small and manageable one. These resorts are usually not so crowded and I can therefore ski at my own pace, for example in Eben or Radstadt/ Altenmarkt.

Point 5:

I would patiently wait for the perfect time: all beginnings are difficult. Especially when the others are whizzing past you, or you can’t see your own ski tips because of the fog, or you are sliding down the mountain on pure ice. I would rather go on a day in low season and wait for the perfect weather and snow conditions.

Point 6:

The most important: I would reward myself after my first day of skiing with an Après ski party or an Après ski thermal spa afternoon. I truly think that anyone who makes a comeback to skiing has more than earned this.

Oliver Seuffer-Wasserthal

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