Magdalena Putz

Hiking – Should I bring something?

You can ask this question not only at the barbecue, but also when you put on your mountain boots. The answer: YES – water and food. The brave mountain rescue workers often have to come because someone is dehydrated or the circulatory system no longer works. Because no or too little water and / or food was taken.

Especially in the high mountains – above the tree line – you may not find a hut or a well where you can fill up your water bottle for a long time. It can also happen that you get lost. Then you will be very happy with the extra portion of food.

If you find berries or mushrooms in the forest, only try if you are 100% sure that it is edible. I don't know of any forest that has a built-in toilet block where you can step out for a moment. Avoid filling your water bottle by rivers or streams – you don't know which animal has died in it or which diseases it washes down the mountain. Only fill them up in huts or at designated drinking water wells.

What we carry up, we carry down again
A granola bar packaging, the peel of oranges or the snack paper – please take everything back down from the mountain. Often there are no rubbish bins on the mountain because the garbage disposal can hardly drive past there. It is important for nature and its inhabitants that everything that has nothing to do with nature finds its way back into the valley and into the right rubbish bin.

Variety of huts
If you are out and about in Ski amadé, then visit one of the many open huts. They spoil you with a cozy alpine snack, a hot cheese dumpling soup or a sweet farmer's donut with cranberry jam.

The perfect reward for all mountaineers!

My advice

Always take enough water with you - ideally two drinking bottles with 0.75 liters from a walking time of 2 hours and the longer and further, the more. I always have a reusable plastic water bottle and a lightweight thermos bottle. The thermos bottle not only keeps tea hot on cold days, it also keeps cold water cool on warm days.

Bananas give you that extra power boost when you run out of energy and a cereal bar and a piece of pastry keep calories ready when you have used them all. Nuts provide additional strength of concentration, which you also need on the mountain.

Magdalena Putz

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