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The "highest farmers market in the alps" by Ski amadé

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These mountains really have it all. Where in winter, skis and snowboards are clipped on, and in summer the dairy farmers shoo cows along where carving turns are carved through the snow, and then only a few months later sheep and lambs playfully scuttle across the fields and graze on an excellent herbal cocktail right under their noses.

The five ski amadé ski regions not only provide the foundations for Austria’s greatest skiing, wonderful slopes and idyllic mountain huts, but they are also the home of delicious ideas, and more importantly, pass on the riches of the mountains to people. The snow cover conceals a microcosm, which is revealed in unique regional specialities throughout the seasons. The residing farmers conjure up by hand a variety of delicacies from resourceful nature, which taste so good because they have not been flown twice around the world to then land on your plate. The production traditions from original products are passed on from generation to generation, newly interpreted and aligned to the modern palate. 

Ski amadé’s “highest farmer’s market in the Alps“ is in the truest sense of the word, the highlight of the ski and wine gourmet week during the sunny ski month of March. Market stalls are built up in front of the ski huts and mountain restaurants and there the products are sold, which local companies can be really proud of: eggs, honey, meat, fish, dairy products, schnapps, pinewood and even beer are produced and sold in Ski amadé. Therefore, in winter, it is quite common that you could bump into one of the regional producers when taking a break in one of the huts, and they could have actually matured the cheese on their very own farm!! This is the motivation required, in order to passionately commit to making and enthusiastically creating these excellent products!

Did you know that… 
… pinewood verifiably reduces your heart rate and you can therefore sleep deeper and better?
… in summer 10,000 sheep and lambs act as lawnmowers on the slopes of Ski amadé?

... that in summer a cow eats nearly 12 tonnes of grass over 120 days and fertilises the mountain fields with 3,6 tonnes of cow dung?

… there are at least 40 kg of handpicked berries in one litre of rowanberry schnapps?

… there are over 400 different types of grass and herbs on the Ski amadé alpine pastures?

… pasture milk is good for the environment, due to the special care of the meadows, there is more habitat available for the wide range of species living in the mountains?

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