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3 First aid tips for snotty nosed speed demons

Who has never experienced this: for months, you have been looking forward to your weeks winter holiday, your ski stuff has been packed for days, your cat Franzi is already settled in at your neighbour’s house. The lift passes are on the kitchen table and are ready to be put into your zip pocket – and the mountains are calling! 

But then, on the morning of departure, you suddenly start to feel unwell. Your nose starts to itch and run, and it feels like you are getting a cold. And now what?  First of all, do not panic! Even though you know that it is very difficult to magic away a cold, the following three top tips against a cold should help you to enjoy your holiday, despite having a cold!

1. Creams

Herbs and scents can quickly stop a runny nose and transform it back to its former self. Creams, such as Tigerbalm, Luuf, or Vicks VapoRub contain strong doses of essential oils and free up a blocked nose for at least a short while when it is applied heavily under the nose. Also, when it is applied onto the chest, it aids the lungs to draw in breath and prevent side effects of the cold.

But be careful! This strong cream should not be put on your lips or come into contact with your eyes – and especially with children, you have to be careful how much you apply, as skin irritations can quickly occur. A milder option is to mix water or oil together with a fingertip of cream or a few drops of essential oils (peppermint, eucalyptus, fir cone, Swiss stone pine, tea tree…) put in a bottle, and then to keep on smelling it until the nose becomes unblocked.

2. A steam bath for the airways

Small – but useful. The steam bath often works a miracle on blocked noses. Simply fill up a pan with hot, steaming water, add some thyme or sage, a spruce cone, a spoon of cooking salt and one or two drops of essential oils (peppermint, eucalyptus, fir cone, Swiss stone pine, tea tree…) and hold your face over it, so that you can breathe in the soothing steam. 

The best thing to do is to hang a large towel over your head and the pan like a tent, so that the steam collects underneath it and the healing water does not cool down too quickly.

3. No alcohol and no cigarettes

Not an especially innovative tip, is it? And yet, it is often skilfully ignored. Especially on a ski holiday, it is such a shame when you have to go without that nice cool beer, or the warming rum tea in the afternoon. Everyone understands that! But this still applies: if you want to get rid of your cold, then alcohol and cigarettes are a complete no go! Instead, you should drink any kind of tea – the best would be to drink it with a spoonful of honey, as this works as a natural antibiotic when it comes to common colds and is a bit of a miracle worker.

I hope that these tips will help you to keep your snotty nose in check. The fresh winter air in the mountains will surely unfold its healing powers. To be outdoors in the wonderful nature, to enjoy the day, to relax and then in the evening to cuddle up in a warm hotel bed, sometimes has more of a healing effect than one thinks. Just do not overdo it and enjoy the time away from everyday life. Maybe the cold will then simply disappear of its own accord.

Maria Egger

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