Oliver Seuffer-Wasserthal

6 gadgets which fit in your ski jacket

For skiing, you only really need a pair of skis, poles, a helmet, boots, gloves, a jacket and a pair of ski trousers. That is true! But maybe not quite. In my case, it is actually six other things which you need on the slopes...

Mobile phone, neck warmer, hat, sun cream, sunglasses and a flask. A rucksack? – No, my must-haves fit perfectly in every jacket pocket.

Smart phone: I always have my mobile phone on me. Why? First of all, it enables me to access my Ski-Apps. Secondly, this is a mini version of my digital camera. And thirdly, I can call for help in case of an emergency.

Denim scarf: The practical neck warmer from Buff is my faithful friend when it is cold and windy. The sleeve cloth is in a cool denim style and is made from Merino wool and is very comfortable to wear. It is thin, light and protects both the neck and face in extremely cold weather. When it gets really stormy, I use my Buff as a storm hat and pull it right up over my nose.

Folding bottle: drink a lot – that also applies when skiing. Up until now, any type of drinking bottle was too big and too cumbersome. Recently, I found the right receptacle. And no, it is not a hip flask! It is much better: a folding drinking bottle. Six of these cost €9,99 on amazon. They fit perfectly in the inner breast pocket of my ski jacket, are washable, light and flexible. They also come with a handy snap hook, so that you can attach them to your jacket or belt. 

Oversized hat: my beanie in an oversized look from Coal, which ensures that my helmet hair is well covered up. Wafer-thin, super soft and well fitting – a handy accessory in both the ski huts and for Après ski. The oversized hat can be purchased at Bluetomato for example.

Winter combo: I can only go skiing in the spring if I am wearing sun cream. The winter combo from Sundance is suitable with regards to the price, size and performance. It is practical, because in the lid of the tube is a lip balm with UV protection. Therefore you can confidently leave the Labello at home.

Sun visor: as we are currently on the topic of sun – my sunglasses from Converse, in a classic wayfarer look, are also always on me on the slopes. For those you prefer to leave the more expensive glasses at home, could use promotional goodies. I have collected quite a few over the past years: for example from S-Budget or Pall Mall.

And which must haves will you be taking on the slopes?

Oliver Seuffer-Wasserthal

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