A short trip to the Caribbean

Hooray, it’s the weekend! Have a lie in... Wrong! Today, apart from the usual wake up call of our little one, I have another good reason to get out of bed. We are taking our Mini-me up onto the slopes for the first time. He is not quite ready to be a Board buddy for Mike but at the cool event that is taking place now, he can also get some fresh mountain air without a snowboard. Yet again, all those in search of some sun are invited to Sportgastein to “Palmen auf den Almen“.

Full of energy, I get into an upright position and open the blinds first of all. Here was already the first wonderful view, blue skies and bright sunshine, perfect weather for what we have got planned and for a day outdoors with the baby. Right after Mike and I have drunk our morning espresso, I start to pack everything I need for a day trip. It is unbelievable how much stuff you need for such a small person and how much there is to think about.

A little while later, Mike packed his snowboard, the buggy and the baby and me into the car and we made our way to Gasteinertal. There at the valley head is Ski amadés highest lying ski resort of Sportgastein. You won’t find any sand there, but 50 real palm trees convey a real Caribbean atmosphere at 1,600 m above sea level! But at the start we want to get some exercise before we immerse ourselves in the holiday and party atmosphere.

We go our separate ways from the car park. Mike clips into his Snowboard. First of all, he heads past the Freeride info base, which is located at the bottom station. There, Freeriders can get the latest information and safety advice. Furthermore, there is also a “beep tester“, which does a really quick LVS check. Well equipped and fully motivated, he starts his first run down. He is in luck and finds quite a few areas with no tracks yet. Due to the warm temperatures and the spring sunshine, the snow is already turning into spring slush, which he nearly prefers to fresh powder snow.

In the meantime, I bundle mini Mike into the front baby carrier and go for a walk along the wonderful winter hiking route, which goes through the Nassfeld in Sportgastein. There we enjoyed, even though off the slopes, being in the mountains and I am so happy that I got another chance this winter to breathe in some alpine air. I enjoy the fresh snowy air and in joyful anticipation I think about next season, where I will make the most of getting Grandma and Grandpa to babysit and will be able to get back out on the slopes myself.

Early in the afternoon, our small family reconvened back at the car. There, Mike swapped his helmet with a cap and snowboard with sunglasses, and we put the little man in his cosy fur lined bag in the buggy. Then we made our way to the Caribbean.

Luckily, we quickly found two free loungers in the middle of the palms but kept a bit of distance away from the fine music. Mike went and got us some tropical drinks from the ice bar. We spent the afternoon with the warm sunshine on our faces and enjoyed the tunes. It was also a special treat to watch the other impressed visitors. Wherever you looked, you could only see happy faces. People were having fun at the event and were laughing, celebrating and dancing to the rhythm of the Caribbean music.

My summary of the day: as always a very successful event, which also with a child, was the perfect “ending“ for the season (which is not quite over yet ;)). We are already looking forward to next year. Also the rest of what Sportgastein has to offer, the slopes, Freeride possibilities, cross-country skiing trails and winter hiking routes, I can highly recommend for families. Here, there is something for everyone and therefore is the recipe for the perfect family day, even with the tiny tots and especially in springtime.

Anna Pilz

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