Magdalena Putz

Hiking – Where do I have to go?

We don't need another season of LOST, so there are these great yellow signs in Austria that show you the degree of difficulty of the route, in which direction it is going and how many hours you still walk. The following applies to the degree of difficulty, as roughly stated on the slopes: blue – easy I red – medium I black – difficult. 

Or as the Austrian Alpine Association defines it:

For families and beginners
Easier trails that can be narrow and steep.

Mostly narrow, often steep, can have passages that are dangerous to fall
There may be short, secured walks

Narrow, often steep and dangerous to fall
Heavily secured walking passages and / or simple climbing areas that require the use of the hands
Surefootedness and a head for heights are essential

Red White Red
You not only see the Austrian flag blowing in the wind, it also shows you the way in the mountains. Sprayed on trees and stones, it shows you exactly where the path is and is a visible and simple addition to the yellow signposts.

My advice
If you know routes where you know you can do them, then look online to see what their classification is. You can hike routes with the same classification. Always inquire in advance and plan your route well so that you can have a relaxing day on the mountain.

Always remember:

You have to get back down there too! Unless you take one of the Ski amadé summer lifts back down. But then please check the opening and operating times in advance.

Magdalena Putz

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