Enjoying the sun during sunshine skiing in Ski amadé
Enjoying the sun during sunshine skiing in Ski amadé
Esther Ebner

How and where you can find calmness once again

Have you ever sought tranquillity? In your everyday life, in a situation, with a person, in this life? If your answer is YES, then you are already on the right path to finding calmness.

But wait: what is calmness anyway?

Do we understand the same thing?

Enjoying the sun during sunshine skiing in Ski amadé

Calmness is not indifference, nor "I don't care". Staying calm is an art. An art of letting go of things that weigh you down. Things that create pressure and stress inside you and make you a slave answering to drive and optimization. And there it is, the important word LETTING GO. Because that is also part of serenity. Simply leaving things you cannot change. To omit things, to let be, to let go.

Is there maybe something, which you have wanted to let go of for a very long time now? If you can't think of anything off the top of your head, then I have a little exercise for you. Close your eyes and then ask yourself the following question and let it sink in for a few minutes: “How would it be if I was more relaxed?" Just let yourself be inspired by this question and let your thoughts flow freely. Then write it all down and keep thinking. Maybe there is even something that you can change immediately.

How does it feel? Can you already feel how calmness is attracting you? How it is enticing you? Do we now understand the same thing? I think so.

And why do you find calmness here with us?

Because here in Ski amadé we are far away from your everyday life. Here you can really let your body and mind relax in our beautiful landscape and because you can feel the feeling of letting go while skiing, and because you can find answers while you are letting go here with us. Letting yourself live in the here and now is also part of serenity and enjoying the moment. Not being five steps in the future or five steps in the past. That is inner peace and that is what you will find here with us.

Some people even let out a joyful “hooray” on the slopes because the feeling of happiness and freedom is so strong. Would you like that too? Then let yourself be drawn in by the power of the mountains, the countless white slopes and the feeling of serenity and freedom. You will go back to your everyday life, feeling revitalised and calm. And if you like, you will find the serenity every year again with us, as a guest, as a person, as a friend.

Perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé

Esther Ebner

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