Fun at the best facilities and slopes for kids in Ski amadé
Fun at the best facilities and slopes for kids in Ski amadé
Carina Stelzer

The first turns on the skis for the little ones

Have you ever posed the question, what is the best way and either sooner or later, for children to learn how to ski? It is the dream of all ski enthusiasts to be able to share this fun with their kids on the slopes and to be able to spend ski days with one’s offspring. However, in order for this to be achieved, there must first of all be a good foundation when teaching the little ones to ski. When is the right time to do this, in which environment and how? The following post addresses the first turns of our little skiers – maximum fun on the skis for the kids and absolute relaxation for the parents.  

The perfect age

Best facilities and slopes for kids in Ski amadé

The first turns in the snow can easily be achieved at the age of 3. However, generally parents are the best judge of this, as to whether their little ones are ready or not for their first ski day.

Are the children open and sociable in a group, do they run around and climb on their own and do they enjoy testing out their balance? Then as a general rule of thumb, they are ready to start skiing.

Selecting the ski area

When choosing a ski resort, special attention should be paid to a few things. Especially the so-called “Children’s Land“-area, their accessibility and their equipment are paramount for an unforgettable first skiing experience. The diversity of the routes and lifts in a “Children’s Land“-area, and colourful figures make every ski day enjoyable and the children’s world mascot makes the children quickly forget every fall.

The easy access of the training area is very important for children, as having to walk long distances in full ski dress can be very tiring and annoying. In order to keep spirits high both before and after the skiing experience, the children’s area should be located directly in the valley, by the car park or close to the accommodation where you are staying, so that you could easily walk back.

Best facilities and slopes for kids in Ski amadé

Parents or a ski instructor?

Learn to ski in the ski schools in Ski amadé

Many parents want to teach their own children themselves – this should only be done if you know how to teach children skiing in a playful manner and that you are not only a good and enthusiastic skier yourself.

What is also very important when teaching the first turns, is that it should be fun and enjoyable and this works best in a group of children who are all of a similar age. Ski instructors are usually the best at judging when the kids need a break (with a game in the snow) or knowing when they can move onto the next step.

Moreover, children tend to listen more to a ski instructor than they do their own parents. ;)

Group or private instructor?

Best facilities and slopes for kids in Ski amadé

Whether it is better to learn in a ski course, in a group, or with a private instructor depends on the needs and the goals of the children. Especially at the beginning, it is usually an advantage to do a ski course in a group, as children are normally used to playing with other children and also have more fun in a group than they do in a private lesson. In addition, the group courses, as a starter, also have a price advantage.

The more experienced the child gets, then the more sense a private lesson makes. As then the ski instructor can concentrate solely on the child and thus the speed of the course can be based on the needs and the skill of the respective child.

As a general rule, children usually require 3-4 days (3 hours a day) in order to be able to go down a gentle slope in a snowplough and to be able to brake alone. This of course varies from child to child, but with this basis, then the kids can then practice further with their parents.

TIP: In Ski amadé the Ski amadé Mini’s Week originated. From the 11th to the 25th of January 2020, all beginners under the age of six (born in 2014 and later) can playfully start their ski careers for only 120 Euro’s per child! This offer includes the ski course, the ski rental equipment and the ski pass. Here, the offspring skiers learn with professionals for either three full days or five half days. In much of the accommodation in Ski amadé, the children can stay for free in the room of the parents.


Best facilities and slopes for kids in Ski amadé

Ski suit, skis, poles, ski boots, gloves, helmet and goggles are the basic equipment for skiing. Usually at the beginning, the children spend more time sitting in the snow than they do standing on the skis, so it is very important that the ski suit is waterproof. On the one hand, the clothes should be warm, but on the other hand they should allow for freedom of movement.

With the help of these tips, nothing now stands in the way of your littles ones having fun in the snow. And – how will your child learn how to ski?

Carina Stelzer

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