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We even go biking in winter - ride a snowbike!

In principle, I am an absolute ski enthusiast, but when I heard about snowbiking, I wanted to try out this new and exciting sport right away! It must be an indescribable feeling to ride a snowbike down the slopes rather than skiing on skis or a snowboard. So, where I can I get a snowbike from? What is it exactly and above all, how does it work? So, are you curious too?

When I heard about snowbikes, I immediately read up on some information about it and tried it out. A snowbike is similarly built to a bike, but instead of having two wheels, this bike simply has two skis. And in the region of Snow Space Salzburg, there is a snowbike test centre, where you can hire these from. Due to the fact and my cousin and I did not want to miss out on this fun any longer, without further ado, we went to Intersport Wagrain. We took our ski boots, ski helmet and ski clothes with us. On arrival we got our snowbikes and a short introduction from our guide, Berni. It really is very easy! This is how it works:

  • Firstly, the mini skis are fastened to the ski boots
  • Then, you get on the bike and hold the handle bars with both hands
  • To turn, you turn the handle bars hard in the snow and turn your whole upper body in the direction you want to go
  • To brake, you make the bike go diagonally across the slope, like you are doing a really sharp turn
  • It is important to keep your whole weight on the bike and NOT on the little skis

And then it was already time to get in the cable car and to head up the mountain! Even though the snowbike is not that small, with its special system, it is really easy to handle and can very easily and quickly be folded together for the lift ride. And it unfolds and fixes together again, just as easily when you are ready for the run down. It really is child’s play: unfold, climb on, off you go! Let the fun begin! Learning to bike in the snow is very quick and it is guaranteed fun for both young and old. Have a look at my video! The stunning day went by far too quickly!! It is such a shame that I have not tried out this action-packed sport beforehand.

So are you in the mood?

Are you now also in the mood for snowbiking and for trying out something new? I can only recommend it. The snowbikes can also be hired out in Flachau, St.Johann and Kleinarl. It is an adrenalin kick for everyone! The test centres also offer unique snowbike tours, such as the winter safari or the moonlight tour. The guides take you to the nicest places, the quaintest huts and the most fashionable places. You experience the magical winter landscape up close and have the opportunity to take some stunning photos at the photo hotspots. Regardless whether on the ski slopes or in the terrain! It is an outdoor experience like no other! Moreover, extra snowbike workshops or a VIP service are also on offer. As well as covering the basics, it is also about how to brake correctly, turning technique and the ideal position on the snowbike. The aim is to go faster and safer! Do you want to find out more? Here is the link!

What are you waiting for? Have fun!

Magdalena Schößwendter

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