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With these 3 powerhouses we will stay fit together

Wow, it's really not an easy situation. Many of us are in lockdown, but for the sake of physical and mental health one should definitely soak up the sunshine and use them for sporting activities in the fresh air. Anyone who thinks they won't need any more ski gymnastics this winter should be told – the following exercises are good for all of us right now and keep us going. Lounging around, being couch potatoes, foggy clouds and sitting meat training are now history, because in winter it is all the more important to heat up your figure properly. 

Because only those who specifically train the most important muscle groups will have endurance...

...not only has more stamina and a minimized risk of injury when skiing, but also a strengthened immune system, less back pain and a clear head in everyday life.



You train the back and abdominal muscles, shoulders and some endurance in the leg muscles. A perfect all-rounder, which you do 15 times on each side. And if you want to achieve a very high training effect, do 3 repetitions on each side. That means 3x15 times on each side. After a few days you will notice some good results and until you are on the slopes, no muscle weakness will keep you off the white slopes.

This is how the exercise is done:
The starting position is a classic push-up. Support your hands on the floor below the shoulders, legs a little wider than hip-width. It is important to keep your back straight and your head as an extension of your spine (i.e. looking down towards the floor). To do this, tense your stomach muscles. This is done by bringing the knee forward almost immediately to the shoulder. Then bring the leg back to the starting position. And then pull the other leg forward. Repeat on both sides 15 times

For power pack 2 take a short break.

Lie down on the floor, rest your forehead on your crossed hands and move your buttocks from right to left. It should be a small and simple movement that relaxes your back


Lie on your back and spread your legs hip-width. You can prepare yourself gently for the exercise and move the pelvis back and forth very gently at the beginning. This is good for the spine. Now lay one leg over the other. Then lift the buttocks off the floor and make sure that the buttocks are horizontal to the floor. So please do not let your pelvis tilt to the left or right.

Perform this exercise 15 times. Lift your buttocks off the floor and then put them down again. You can also use your breathing as a rhythm generator. When you inhale you lift your buttocks and when you exhale you lower them again. After 15 times you take a short break and then change legs.



This is a very dynamic number that will get you going. The starting position is similar to a knee bend. Legs hip width apart, arms forward as if you were already holding your ski poles and then an explosive jump up. As soon as you are in the air, stretch your legs and at the peak pull your legs up. You perform this jump 15 times. You can also repeat this sequence 3 times.

If you do this 3-4 times a week for the next 4 weeks, I would say: you will be unstoppable.

So have fun while training!

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Esther Ebner

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